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Flavors are not the biggest reason that underage vaping

CDC survey: Flavors are not the biggest reason that minors vape Screened by: Jim McDonald How many times have you heard public health agencies and anti-vape organizations claim that flavors are the main reason teens vaporize? It's been repeated often enough that many, and maybe even most, people believe it. But a new analysis...
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FDA's Vape ban is what happens when people don't make sense of things

Message written by : Katherine Timpf (USA) When our government passes laws based on the hastily ill-informed media and public hysteria rather than statistical facts, the American people lose. On Thursday, the Trump administration announced it would ban the sale of pre-filled flavored e-cigarette cartridges nationwide - which is both a...
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Vape-store owner responds to ban on e-cigarette products

Vape-shop owner from Tempe responds to federal ban on certain e-cigarette products in the U.S. TEMPE, Ariz - vaping has been in the news regularly lately. Now the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is preparing for a massive ban on flavored vape products. This ban is only for cartridges, with other...
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