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Buy Complete E-Cigarette Set ?

Want to buy a complete e-cigarette of vape set? Then you are in the right place at Vapekings. We have a large selection of MTL and DL electric cigarettes and vapes. These are divided into Starter sets, Luxe sets and POD sets.

Thanks to our large assortment, there is also a suitable e-cigarette complete set for you. Making a choice is sometimes difficult due to the large selection and terms such as sub-ohm, MTL and DL. Do you still not know which set suits you? Then our vapor experts will be happy to help you!

Of read more about the e-cigarette here and make the right choice.

Buying an e-cigarette? Here's what you need to know!

You want to quit smoking and have chosen the e-cigarette. Now you will ask yourself which e-cigarette is best to buy. Choosing the right electric cigarette is not always easy. There is a huge range and each model has a different effect. Now you want to know which model suits your vapor style. That's where we're going to help you. It is important to know of you want to vaporize MTL of DL. What that is we will explain below.


MTL and DL are the two different ways you can inhale an e-cigarette. Before you can buy the right e-cigarette for you, you need to look at of you want to vaporize MTL of DL. MTL stands for Mouth To Lung. With MTL, you will allow the vapor to enter your mouth first and then pass it through to your lungs. With this method, you inhale the same as you would with a tobacco cigarette. This also brings you closest to the effect of a cigarette.

In addition to MTL, you also have DL. The term DL stands for Direct Lung, which means directly to the lungs. DL e-cigarettes you inhale the same as a bong. You will have to pass a DL e-cigarette hard and deep to the lungs all at once. This gives you a big cloud of vapor and more flavor than the MTL way. So, while buying an e-cigarette, it is very important to choose the model that suits your vapor style. Don't know of an e-cigarette MTL of DL? Then you can contact our customer service of read further on our explanation page about MTL and DL.

Different types of e-cigarette

Now that you have distinguished between MTL and DL e-cigarettes, you can start looking more specifically at a model. Each model has different properties. These features determine the final effect. For example, you have adjustable e-cigarettes and non-adjustable e-cigarettes. An adjustable e-cigarette can be adjusted in power. This is often in wattages. Because you adjust the wattage of an e-cigarette you can get more of less vapor. This allows you to adjust it to your liking. In addition, there are different types of e-cigarettes. So you have pen style, box mod, pod and AIO e-cigarette sets.

  • Pen style sets have a pen shape. Some people like this because these models are compact and fit easily in your pocket.
  • Box Mod sets are larger e-cigarettes, whose batteries you can optionally replace and often adjust the wattage.
  • Pod sets have been very popular lately and is a fairly new variation of the e-cigarette. These sets have low maintenance and are very simple to use. Often these are MTL sets and have an automatic inhalation system.
  • AIO sets are compact and often a pen style. AIO stands for All In One, this means the e-cigarette consists of one part.

Now that you know what different models there are. You can search for the right electric cigarette for you. You can use our filter to specify the different properties. This will only show you the e-cigarettes that meet your requirements. Because after filtering you will only see the suitable e-cigarettes for you. You can buy the right e-cigarette for you.

The operation of an e-cigarette

So there are different types of electric cigarettes and you can now go and buy an e-cigarette that suits you. But before you buy one, it is useful to know how an e-cigarette works. We will explain this to you briefly. The most important thing to know is that an e-cigarette vaporizes and does not burn like a cigarette. An electric cigarette consists of a battery and a vaporizer. This vaporizer consists of a e-liquid reservoir and a coil. The coil contains cotton and a filament. The cotton sucks up the e-liquid and the filament is heated by the battery. As the filament gets hot, the e-liquid will vaporize. This is why using an e-cigarette is called vaporizing and not smoking.


  • It is important to know of you are looking for an MTL of DL e-cigarette.
  • MTL is similar to inhaling a cigarette.
  • DL is similar to inhaling like a bong.
  • There are different models of e-cigarettes.
  • Not every model is the same and suitable for you, so it is important to choose one that suits your vapor style.
  • An e-cigarette does not burn anything but vaporizes.
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