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E-liquid Buy for your vape?

Want to buy e-liquid online? We have a huge assortment with over 500 different flavors from more than 30+ brands. This makes the choice large and suitable for everyone e-liquid. Do you want an overview of all our brands? Check out these brands by clicking here!

Our e-liquids come from all over the world and are all of high quality. Each brand has its own specialty. Because of this, we have the right e-liquid for every vape . These liquids are available in different nicotine strengths as well as nicotine free. Also, the PG/VG base varies by brand. Want to know which e-liquid is suitable for your e-cigarette of vape ? Feel free to contact us of look at the bottom of this page!

E-liquid Buy? Here's what you need to know!

Before you e-liquid go buy it is useful to know what this is. We will explain that in this piece. E-liquid is the liquid, which is used in the e-cigarette. This liquid for the e-cigarette is also known as liquid, juice and vapor liquid. These liquids come in different varieties. This has to do with the composition of the liquid. E-liquids can be purchased with of without nicotine. The nicotine is indicated in mg (milligrams) per ml (milliliter). So 0mg is nicotine free. In addition to nicotine, it contains flavoring, PG and VG. Below we will go into further detail on what exactly e-liquid is.

What's in e-liquid?

So a e-liquid consists of PG, VG, flavoring and possibly nicotine. Propylene glycol (PG) and Vegetable glycerin (VG) together are called the base. The PG provides more throat hit and thus is stronger on the throat. Also, the PG allows for better flavoring. VG provides fuller vapor and is softer on the throat. In addition to the base, e-liquid also contains flavoring. This flavoring adds flavor to the liquid. In addition to flavoring, there may be optional nicotine in it. This is the addictive substance from the tobacco plant. Nicotine is not recommended for non-smokers. Now you know exactly what e-liquid consists of and you can go buy it. But before you do this, it is important that you choose a liquid that suits your e-cigarette. Below we will explain which types are suitable for your e-cigarette.

What e-liquid can I buy?

Not every e-liquid can be used in your e-cigarette of vape . This has to do with the base and nicotine in the liquid. But also with the type of e-cigarette. You have MTL and DL devices. MTL and DL are methods of inhaling the e-cigarette. MTL stands for mouth to lung, which is similar to inhaling a cigarette. These models often have a coil of above 1.0 ohm. DL stands for direct lung, this is similar to inhaling from a bong. These often have a coil of below 1.0 ohm. For an MTL model you will need to buy a different e-liquid than for a DL model. If you continue reading we will explain which e-liquid you can buy for your type of e-cigarette.

Choosing the right nicotine strength

There are two types of nicotine, 'freebase' nicotine of Nic Salt. Before you can choose the right strength you will first need to know which nicotine you will use. E-liquid is therefore available with the regular 'freebase' nicotine and Nic Salt. Freebase is nicotine in its purest form, there are no added substances. Freebase has more throat hit than Nic Salt. With Nic Salt, the nicotine is just like it is in the tobacco plant. Therefore, the effect is more like that of a cigarette. Nic salt e-liquid is softer in the throat and can therefore be vaporized at higher strengths than the freebase variety. Nic salt is primarily intended for MTL e-cigarettes. When you want to buy e-liquid with nicotine, it is important to choose the right nicotine strength. The wrong strength can cause unpleasant side effects such as headache, nausea and sore throat. Below we have created a table based on an average smoker. From this you can see which nicotine strength is suitable for your e-cigarette.

In this table you can read which nicotine strengths in e-liquid is suitable for your e-cigarette

Choosing the right basic ratio

E-liquid is available in different PG and VG ratios. As discussed earlier, together we call PG and VG basic. Not every base ratio is suitable for your e-cigarette. So when buying a e-liquid , it is important that you take the right ratio. PG is thinner and VG a little thicker. In general, you need thinner liquid for MTL e-cigarettes than for DL e-cigarettes. Below we have a table, in which you can see what basic ratio you need.

In this table you can read which PG VG e-liquid base is suitable for your e-cigarette

Always use the recommended base ratio. If you don't do this, your coil may burn out of the e-liquid be very strong in your throat. Not sure yet which e-liquid to buy for your e-cigarette of vape ? Then take a look at our detailed explanation page.

Flavors and aromas

So a e-liquid consists of PG, VG and possibly flavoring and nicotine. These flavorings are called flavors. These flavors give flavor to the vapor liquid. The flavors used in e-liquids are food-grade and thus can be found in your everyday products. Each aroma has its own flavor and is added to the liquid in certain percentages. Therefore, when you go to buy e-liquid you will find that the flavors vary. An apple liquid from VapeKings will taste different from that of Flavourtec. We have over 500 different flavors. This means we have a flavor for every vaporizer. Finding the flavor that suits you can be difficult, because everyone's taste is different. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a flavor that you like.


After reading the above explanation, you are a true e-liquid expert. You have learned that choosing the right nicotine strength and base ratio is very important. You now know which e-liquid you can buy for your e-cigarette! By using the filter you can select the e-liquid base suitable for your model. We have over 30 e-liquid brands in 500 different flavors. We also offer these e-liquids at the best prices in the Netherlands! If you do not find what you are looking for you can always contact one of our e-liquid experts. Of click here to go to the extensive information page.

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