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20% PG / 80% VG (1)
30% PG / 70% VG (1)
35% PG / 65% VG (13)
50% PG / 50% VG (134)
70% PG / 30% VG (6)
Aisu (29)
Dinner Lady (15)
Edge (3)
Element (14)
Halo (2)
Liqua (7)
Migo (10)
Millers (18)
Mokasmo (4)
Myflo (10)
Pacha Mama (5)
Quic (5)
Riot (10)
Six Licks (2)
Solt (18)
Stoom Tovenaar (1)
Vampire Vape (10)
Vincent Dans Les Vapes (12)
Zap! (5)
Cirkus Nic Salt
Dinner Lady NS
Liqua 4S
Millers Nic Salt
Mokasmo Nic Salts
Pacha Mama Salts
Riot Salts
VDLV Nic Salt
Edge NS
Six Licks
Zap! Nic Salt
Element Nic Salt
Vampire Vape Nic Salt
Aisu Nic Salt
Halo NS
Solt Nic Salt
Stoom Tovenaar

Buy Nic Salt E-liquid from Vapekings?

Nic Salt E-liquids make use of nicotine salt. This allows the nicotine to be absorbed faster. In addition, Nic Salt provides a softer "throat hit. This allows you to vaporize higher nicotine strengths. This is why this e-liquid is very suitable for use in pod systems and e-cigarettes with a coil above 1.0 ohm.

We have a wide range of Nic Salt E-liquids from different brands. Therefore, we have the right flavor for everyone.

All Nic Salt e-liquids are registered and tested. This is a guarantee of quality. In addition, all bottles come with a child-resistant closure.

Content: 10ml.
Ratio: PG / VG varies by brand.
Nicotine options : 10mg, 20mg.

Click here to learn more about Nic Salt.

Buy nic salt e-liquid ? Here's what you need to know!

You are about to buy nic salt e-liquid but may be asking yourself what this means. Then it is helpful to read on. Nic salt stands for nicotine salt, this is a new form of nicotine. Normally there is freebase nicotine in e-liquids. A number of questions are bound to come to mind. Such as what is nic salt? Does this form of nicotine have a different effect than freebase nicotine? Is this e-liquid suitable for my e-cigarette? We will give you the answer to these questions in this piece.

What is nic salt?

As mentioned earlier, nic salt is a new form of nicotine in e-liquid. This is the most natural form of nicotine, which is the same as in tobacco leaves. This form consists not only of pure nicotine but are bound with organic elements. This allows the nicotine to be a stable molecule. This organic element is Benzoic acid (benzoic acid). This may sound strange but this substance can be found in many of your everyday products. For example, it is found in many fruits, yogurt and honey, among others. By combining the nicotine and benzoic acid, the PH value is lowered. Therefore, nic salt feels softer on the throat and is better absorbed.

The effect of nic salt e-liquid

Nic salt e-liquid thus has a different effect than the variant with freebase nicotine. Because this form of nicotine feels softer in the throat, it is possible to vaporize the e-liquid in higher strengths. So an 18mg freebase e-liquid will be a lot heavier in your throat than an 18mg e-liquid with nicotine salts. But make no mistake. Because of the composition of the nicotine salts, they are more easily absorbed by the body. As a result, you will therefore feel the effect sooner. This nicotine absorption is more similar to that of a cigarette. Therefore, nicotine salts are very suitable for (ex) smokers. As you can see from the picture, the nicotine in nic salt e-liquids is not only absorbed faster but also better. So this form of nicotine is also a lot more effective than the freebase variant. Would you like to know more about the operation and composition of these e-liquids? Take a look at our detailed explanation page.

Nic salt freebase nicotine schedule

Are nic salt e-liquids suitable for me?

Nic salt e-liquids are not suitable for every vaporist. We recommend this form of e-liquid and nicotine only for pod systems of e-cigarettes with a coil above 1.0 ohm. In other words, these are MTL e-cigarettes. Because the nicotine strengths are quite high, you will ingest too much nicotine per draw with a sub-ohm set. So for DL vapes, we do not recommend this type of liquid. Because the effect of nicotine salts is very similar to that of an analog cigarette, we definitely recommend this form for (ex) smokers. This makes the step to the e-cigarette smaller for smokers.

Why buy nic salt e-liquid from Vapekings?

Now you know all about e-liquid with nicotine salts and are ready to start ordering. Vapekings is the shop to buy Nic Salt e-liquids. We have a large selection with over 100 different flavors. For example, we have brands such as: Aisu, Dr. Frost, Six Licks, Element, Migo, DVTCH, Solt, Vampire Vape, Zap and many more! Because of this we have a delicious flavor for every vaporist. We deliver these flavors from our own stock. So if you order before 23:59, the e-liquids will be delivered the next day! Our experts have a lot of experience with nic salt e-liquid. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

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