On this page, we explain what e-liquid is. You often see it passing by. But what exactly is this liquid for the e-cigarette? We will go into that in more detail in this article.

What is e-liquid

E-liquid is the liquid, which is used in an e-cigarette. Also known as liquid of juice. This liquid can be used both with and without nicotine. Also, these are available in every flavor imaginable. For example, we offer over 500 different flavors. The e liquid consists of three parts. The first part is the base. This base consists of PG and VG. The second part is the aroma. This provides the flavor. The third part is optional, this is the nicotine. Below we discuss these parts in more detail.

The basics

Base of better known as base consists of PG and VG. PG stands for Propylene Glycol. This PG liquid makes the e-liquid taste good. PG also provides a "throat-hit." A throat-hit is a kick in the throat. The VG liquid acts as a cloud stimulator. This makes the e liquid thicker and thus provides thicker vapor. Also, the VG is softer in the throat and reduces the throat-hit. PG and VG are also found in contemporary products. PG is used in foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. VG is made from vegetable oils such as coconut and soy. You can find VG in desserts, medication and toothpaste, among other things. Thus, you can conclude that the base is of "food grade" quality. Food grade means that the products have been approved for use in food.


Each e-liquid has its own flavor. This flavor is created by adding aroma. Aroma is the flavoring substance in the liquid. Because each brand uses its own aromas, the apple from Vapekings will not taste the same as the apple from Millers. This also has to do with the PG/VG of the liquid. Flavors come in many different types. For example, there are fruit, tobacco, menthol and dessert flavors. All the aromas used in the e-liquids are of "food grade" level and therefore very suitable for use in e-liquid.


The third part of e-liquid is nicotine. This part is optional. Not every e liquid contains nicotine. If you do not want to use this addictive substance you can choose 0 mg. Nicotine is a substance made from the tobacco plant. This substance is toxic in high doses and addictive in low doses. So be careful with this! Each bottle of e-liquid comes with an explanation of how to use the nicotine. This nicotine is added to meet the nicotine needs of addicted smokers. Click here if you want to read more about nicotine addiction.

The use of e-liquid

When you start using e-liquid , it is important to choose the right one. Not every e-cigarette is made for every e liquid. This is because the bases of these liquids vary by brand and flavor. When the base consists of more than 70 percent VG, it is recommended to use a coil of 0.5 Ohm of lower. Once the coil 0.5 Ohm of higher we recommend up to 70 percent VG. This is because the VG makes the liquid thicker. Not every electric cigarette works well with this thickness. Want more choice help on e-liquids? Then click here to check out the "Which e-liquid can I use?" pages. Of get advice through our live chat so you choose the right e-liquid for your electric cigarette.

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