The electric cigarette operates on a battery, which powers the clearomizer (tank). Current is fed directly to the coil in the tank which heats the filament inside the coil . This causes the liquid in the tank to evaporate, releasing water vapor from the vape instead of the very harmful smoke released by a traditional cigarette. Although the effect of the e-cigarette is very similar to that of a traditional cigarette, it works differently. But how exactly does it work and how does it differ from a traditional cigarette? We will explain this to you!

What does the e-cigarette consist of?

Before we can go further into how an e-cigarette works, it is useful to know what an e-cigarette consists of. As mentioned earlier, the electric cigarette consists of a battery with which you can vaporize liquid. This is not all, there is of course more to it. The battery is rechargeable and contains a chip, which regulates the power of the electric cigarette. This chip also contains several safeguards, allowing you to use the e-cigarette safely. On the battery there is a button which we call the fire button. As soon as you press this button, the vape will start working.

In addition to the battery, the e-cigarette also has a vaporizer. This vaporizer is called the tank (clearomizer). This tank consists of a reservoir and a filament (coil). The reservoir can be filled with liquid for the e-cigarette and you can use both with, and without nicotine. The filament inside the vaporizer is called a coil called. It consists of a specific resistance that has a piece of cotton around it. The coil is a replacement element just like the e-liquid and lasts about 2 weeks. In addition, there is a mouthpiece on the tank so you can easily inhale the vapor. These parts together make up an electric cigarette. But how do these parts work together? We will explain that below.

The components of an electric cigarette.
This image clearly shows the different parts of an electric cigarette.

How does an e-cigarette work?

Now that you know what an e-cigarette is made up of, you've come a long way. Now you ask yourself; how do these parts work together and create the vapor? This seems complicated but in practice it is quite simple! It goes like this, the battery contains a chip. This chip controls the power output, which can be denoted in wattage. This chip adjusts the power to the coil which is in the tank. Since every coil has a certain resistance, the chip will have to adjust its power accordingly. The resistance of the coil is indicated in Ohm. Once the coil is mounted in the tank and the reservoir is filled with e-liquid you can start vaporizing.

When you press the fire button of the e-cigarette, the battery will emit a certain wattage to the coil. This will heat the filament in the coil . Then the liquid in the coil will begin to vaporize, which is inhaled by the e-cigarette user.

The difference between the tobacco and electric cigarette

Now that you know how an e-cigarette works, we can look at the difference from a regular tobacco cigarette. The biggest difference is in the creation of the smoke, which is called vapor in an electric cigarette. The traditional cigarette consists of a paper sleeve containing tobacco. As the cigarette is lit, the tobacco will burn. This burning process releases over 4000 toxic substances which the smoker inhales. As you have read above, the e-cigarette does not burn tobacco but vaporizes the liquid. As a result, it does not release nearly as many toxins as a tobacco cigarette. Therefore, the vapor of an electric cigarette does not contain tar, carbon monoxide, phosphorus, ammonia, lead and the 4,000 other chemicals. However, these substances are found in a tobacco cigarette. The video below shows the difference between smoking 30 packs of cigarettes and vaporizing 120ml e-liquid .


  • The electric cigarette does not burn tobacco but vaporizes it e-liquid
  • Because the e-cigarette vaporizes, it releases fewer toxins than a tobacco cigarette, including no tar
  • E-liquid is the liquid used to vaporize
  • An electric cigarette consists of a battery with tank
  • The coil should be replaced after 1 to 2 weeks
  • E-cigarettes can be used both with and without nicotine
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