Nicotine salt is better known as Nic salt. You've probably seen this pass by more than once. Nic salts are very popular at the moment but what exactly is this? We will explain further in this article.

'Nic salts' and 'Freebase' nicotine

Nic salt is nicotine in its natural state as found in tobacco leaves. The difference with Freebase is the addition of "benzoic acid" to form the molecule. Benzoic acid does not sound very pleasant but have no fear. This is a natural acid found in many fresh products such as fruit and honey.

Freebase is the most commonly used nicotine in e-liquid. This is the purest form of nicotine but not the natural form. The benzoic acid is removed from the Nic salt molecule leaving only the nicotine. But what is the difference in effect between these two types? We will explain that further below.

What is the difference in effect?

The effect of Nic salt is different from freebase nicotine. This is due to the rate at which your body absorbs the nicotine and the throat hit. Due to the presence of benzoic acid in Nic salts, the PH value is lowered. As a result, this will feel softer in the throat. Freebase has a higher PH value and thus feels firmer in the throat. So when you vaporize a e-liquid of 18mg with freebase nicotine it feels much heavier in the throat than a e-liquid with 18mg Nic salt. This is a great advantage because you can meet your nicotine needs in a nicer way.

Another difference is in the absorption of nicotine by the body. Nic salt is absorbed by the body much faster than the Freebase variety. This makes the effect more similar to that of a regular cigarette. This diagram gives an overview of nicotine absorption.

Nic salt freebase nicotine schedule

The benefits of Nic salt
  • Your nicotine needs will be met faster.
  • Because you can use higher nicotine levels, you will consume less e-liquid .
  • Because Nic salt is also evaporated well at lower temperatures, you will not need a powerful device.
  • E-liquids with Nicotine salt have a longer shelf life.
Which e-cigarettes are recommended for Nic salts?

Because Nic salt liquids are absorbed faster, it is not recommended to use them in powerful (sub-ohm) devices. We recommend using these e-liquids in sets with a resistance greater than 1.0 ohms. This makes a POD set very suitable. Click here to view the POD sets. However, it is possible to vaporize this liquid with high-powered devices. The downside may be a "nicotine kick. Because the nicotine is absorbed faster, this can quickly become too much. This has as a temporary consequence nausea and headaches.

We offer a wide range of e-liquids with Nic salt nicotine. Click here to view them.

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